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HI Linda, I love all of this. It sounds like a great project.

IN particular - "wonder if we have to look at ourselves" - definitely, the way we create and communicate value in IRM is definitely not as good as it could be. "I know we need to focus on business outputs and quality inputs are the answer" - 100%, the question I'd ask is whose responsibility is it to decide on the quality level? I think its ours, but I often get people disagreeing with that. "One of the problems with IM is that there is never one way to do things - if 5 people are in a room they will come up with 5 different opinions on what process should be followed" - 100% agree - but do we have a common goal and is it the right one?

"Staff just want to know where to file what they’ve created" - I agree but also think its deeper than that. I think people want their job to be satisfying and I think there's an achievement element to it, I don't think IRM helps people feel like they've achieved something, or like they've made an investment in their job being easier. There's a couple of great threads going around about "bullshit jobs" at the moment - and I'm tempted to think that most of our filing is one of those, particularly when it's retention focused filing.

I do think we're seeing IM getting back on top of IT - but it's a slow change.

Thanks for joining the discussion!

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